jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Neulasta HURTS - March 25 2012

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Neulasta HURTS - March 25 2012

I had a Neulasta subcutaneous injection on March 22 2012 and I have been suffering with bone and muscle pain in my back, ribs, and hips. I finally remembered that I took Claritin when I was receiving Neupogen pre-autologous stem cell transplant for apheresis to prevent the pain of Neupogen. So, Jani went out at o'dark thirty this morning to get me some Claritin. I really think it helped diminish the pain I've been having that Percocet barely touches. Neulasta is a long acting Neupogen which stimulates the bone marrow to make neutrophils. I just hope the pain I've been experiencing means my bone marrow is pouring out the neutrophils to relieve my neutropenia (low white blood cells making me susceptible to infection).

Walked 0.42 miles this afternoon slowly.


  1. Jim McClure - Akron, OhioMarch 27, 2012 at 9:19 AM

    Is there a particular website you consult concerning drugs (and their side effects)? It surprises me that Claritin would help with the bone and/or muscular pain although it would seem possible that it might aid with certain other side effects of Neupogen.

  2. Jim, I did not research this online, but my nurse coordinator told me about it. She said they do not have evidenced-based research to support Claritin use with Neupogen and Neulasta, but it was discovered by accident that it helps with the bone and muscle pain associated with the neutrophil stimulating medication. Pre-transplant, I took Claritin each and every time I had Neupogen and I had NO pain. It is unfortunate that I forgot about it when I got Neulasta last week until many days later. However, now, the pain is greatly diminished after daily Claritin. jm