jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Home Sweet Home - May 4-9 2012

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home - May 4-9 2012

I got to go home to Mackay, Idaho May 4 to 9 2012. Jani and I drove the 680 miles on May 4th and returned to Colorado on May 9th. Even though the trip was BRIEF, it was so worth it to me!!!! We were delighted to see our 91 year old father when we arrived.

My house - I missed sooooo much.

My lawn was so tall and Jani gave it the first mow of the season right after she unloaded the car.

My 1 year old fruit trees have some blossoms on them and my fence seems to be keeping the mule deer out.

Dad took us to breakfast the next morning.
Jani and I walked the old Shay Trestle Road. It was a tad cold, but I LOVED every step!
Jani walking up the Shay Trestle Road.
My neighbors, Gale and Pam Lords had us to breakfast - such a good visit and lots of laughs.
We walked the Mine Hill daily with the dogs. I just don't understand why the entire 517 population of Mackay isn't up there EVERY DAY!
Jani with Kemmer and Zoe (sister dogs from the same litter - now 4 years old)
The weather warmed up and I was able to wear my favorite cowboy hat (a gift to me by Bruce and Faye Hummel when I retired in 2004).

We were able to see the Super Moon from my back deck. 

Ken, Kemmer, and me.
Ron and me.
I visited with Wayne and Shirley Olsen and their grandson's new pup Tigger.
We bought our Dad a new riding lawn mower and Jani is giving him hints on its' use.
We hiked the Ramshorn Canyon. VERY STEEP, but with Jani's help, I made it to the TOP!
Lana and Laurie (Hansen) sisters went with us.
Looking down from the top - we were really UP THERE!
Jani at the little water fall at the top.
My little bald head was sweating!
Me and John Powers.
Our departure photo on May 9 2012 ... 
and then 680 miles back to Colorado. I drove 1/3 rd of the way to and from this trip. Life is good - 6 whole days without multiple myeloma if you don't count the daily Fragmin injections and PICC Line flushes!

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