jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 16 - June 3 2012 Still At Marriott Residence Inn

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 16 - June 3 2012 Still At Marriott Residence Inn

Last night, Jani decided that I have taken way too much ATIVAN and I need to put an end to this. My head is totally clouded and I can't seem to process information very well. However, the ATIVAN works well on my nausea. We are going back to Prilosec and Zantac as an substitute.

I had a pretty good night, but I was awake and up several times - with a clearer mind - kinda jealous of Jani in the 2nd bedroom snoozing away. Things still going south, but maybe not as badly.

At 6 AM, I woke Jani to make my breakfast. She got right up from a dead sleep and cooked me scrambled eggs and ham and toast. I LOVE MY SISTER.

My head is clearer this morning for the FIRST TIME - Jani's ATIVAN theory must be the key! There is a good reason they don't want you to be alone.

At 7 AM, Jani insisted that I walk outside since I didn't manage to walk inside or outside yesterday! We walked 0.48 miles very slowly completely the walk in 14 minutes. My pulse soared up to 126, so it was quite a workout.


  1. Hi Judy! Glad you are feeling better. Maybe the Ativan was causing your headaches. I get a headache from it when I take it to go on an airplane. I'm glad you are walking and I hope you get stronger everyday. My father in law came home on Friday only to go back on Saturday with a fever and preliminary pneumonia! Hopefully these setbacks and kinks will work themselves out for both of you. Keep smiling! Melissa from ohip

  2. Hi, I'm so sorry about Matt's setback. I will be wishing him a quick recovery - new stem cells often respond well to antibiotics. That walking photo is almost bogus --- it was the only time I wasn't horizontal during the entire day. jm