jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 28 - MAJOR HAPPY June 15 2012

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Friday, June 15, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 28 - MAJOR HAPPY June 15 2012

On only Day 28, my brother, Jeff, drove me from Colorado home to Mackay, Idaho today. We are following Jani in her truck. It was a long trip of 680 miles.
Jani, Jeff, and Judy in Cokeville, Wyoming.
Greeting our 91.5 year old father, Frank, just in time for Father's Day. We are ALL HAPPY HAPPY!
And to top our arrival in Mackay, Idaho off - the weather was PERFECT! 

Thank you Jeff and Jani for bringing me home! I will receive my follow-up care in Twin Falls, Idaho directed by the UCH Transplant Team. Jani will drive me back to UCH in Colorado for a July 12 2012 appointment (Day 55) to have a bone marrow biopsy to see how this 2nd ASCT (autologous stem cell transplant) has worked on my multiple myeloma relapse. But, we will return to Mackay immediately after and get the results over the phone one week later. Depending on the bone marrow biopsy results, a maintenance chemotherapy plan will begin.
The sun is so bright, I'm squinting. That's Mt. McCaleb (elevation 11, 427) over my shoulder - part of the Lost River Range. Taken from my front porch.


  1. That is a pretty smile you have, and I am intending it stays with more good news as this 2nd SCT takes hold. Idaho is a beautiful state, one where I lived for more than a decade. You are fortunate to have such a lovely view! Keep pulling in that Highest Light of healing and energy!

  2. You look happy, JM, and your dad is one handsome 91 year old!!! I hope you'll be feeling a little stronger, a little better each day. You've endured so much. I admire you tremendously. Lovey

  3. Boy Judy.... If I had that view everyday I would love it! You look great! Happy Father's day to your dad. No better present that you feeling better! Welcome home.


  4. Thanks Sandy, Lovey, and Melissa - it is wonderful to be home and HAPPY. jm

    1. JM thanks so much for sharing your optimism - I am having my second stem cell transplant on 28 th of June. I live in Denver but the transplant will be in Chicago where my son is a doctor and keeps me in line along with my caretaker/ husband of 50 years. My experience has been a lot better than I could ever expected. Strange but true I feel blessed it sounds like you feel the same way . Jodi M