jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 39 - June 26 2012

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 39 - June 26 2012

Jani took me to Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho (30 miles) to have my weekly blood draw. Technician Diana got my blood on the first poke and we were quickly on our way.

All of my blood values are NORMAL!!!!!  Well, my white blood cell count is a tad low, but okay for me at 3.6 (norms 4-11.2). My hemoglobin is 12.9 (norms 12-16) and my platelets are normal 247 (norms 140-440). And most importantly, my creatinine which was too high last week is back in the normal range at 1.0 (norms 0.7-1.2) as is my phosphorus at 4.2 (norms 2.5 -4.5). Both the creatinine and phosphorus are indicators of kidney function. I also had abnormally high liver enzymes last  week and they are normal this week (ALT/SGOT is 51 (norms 9-52) and AST/SGOT is 33 (norms 14-46). So, it was a good week for MY BLOOD!
On our way home from Arco, we had to wait a short time on Highway 93 while a few cows were being moved. Idaho has open range laws and livestock always has the right away EVEN if they are unattended by humans.

I still do not have the results of my multiple myeloma blood tests (m-spike, immunoglobulins, free light chains) drawn last week on June 19 2012 at MSTI in Twin Falls, Idaho. I called and the nurse called me back late tonight indicating the results would be faxed to me - but, none yet.

The wind let up this evening and I was able to walk Kemmer around the block. We have been stuck inside due to high winds with dust and blowing for several days.


  1. I'm so your blood came back with all good results. Matt goes Friday! I have all good feelings your mm blood work will have all good results too! Melissa ;)

  2. Melissa, how is Matt doing? jm