jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 120 - September 15 2012

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 120 - September 15 2012

Busy day in Mackay, Idaho. Our annual Mackay Barbecue is held the 3rd Saturday of September. I had a good time taking photos and visiting with people. Here is one of favorite people, Kase - he forgot to smile.
From the Mackay Barbecue, I headed over to my father's house. I took my father a barbecue sandwich with the homemade sauce (made at Ivies last Wednesday night). I had it pretty well- balanced for a nano-second when it went spinning out of control in Jonah and I soon had spicy barbecue sauce all of me and the car. I delivered the sandwich and went home to clean the car. Jonah (1999 Honda Passport) now has "Ode to Barbecue" fragrance with a touch of Wool-Lite cleaner.  While I was cleaning the seats in the car, a wasp tried to attack me and I ran my left elbow in to the door jam. I also made my right hand bleed a tad and it took forever to, perhaps Zolinza has lowered my platelets. We'll see on Tuesday, 18 Sept 2012 when I go for my next blood tests.
I visited with Virginia Chaney Layne and her family who were visiting my father from Caldwell, Idaho.
Frank Malkiewicz and Virginia Chaney Layne. My father lives directly across the street from the house that Virginia grew up in - no one lives there, but her family still owns it.
Virginia Chaney Layne's childhood home (below).
Virginia Chaney Layne was one of my M's closest friends. Below is a picture of them (my M is on the right) standing in the Big Lost River. My M didn't have swimming suit and borrow an old wool one from Virginia. I adore this photo taken circa 1931.
And then on to the St. Barbara's Catholic Church Centennial Celebration at the church.

Enjoyed with with Margaret Kahler Brackenbush, her husband, Fred, daughter, Carrie, and grandson, Avery. Margaret told me that when she was child, they used have the Catholic Church Easter Egg Hunt at their house on the lawn because St. Barbara's yard area (shown above) was sage brush and weeds.
And then, on to the final affair of the day, Lew Greene's annual barbecue. He says this is his last.
Of course there was EATING at each and every one of these events and I did just that. But, I couldn't finish off the plate below. It was so yummy.
I was surprised at how my energy held up for most of the busy day.

Below is my M's last Mackay Barbecue on Sept 18 2003. My M LOVED the Mackay Barbecue and I miss my M! 

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