jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 145 - October 10 2012

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 145 - October 10 2012

Well, 1/2 Imodium tablet and Velcade subcutaneously on Tuesday (10/9/12)  has complete shut down my GI tract. So, I'll probably have to take a Senna-S and Phillips Tab tonight to get going again. I am so sensitive to Imodium and I am SO GLAD that I remembered to take only 1/2 on Tuesday.

I have had more energy today and got a lot of house tasks started like covering my crawl space opening for winter. Took Bart (2006 Honda) in for a rock chip repair that I got yesterday on my Twin Falls trip. Just needed to drive 44 miles round trip to get it done!
Didn't need a nap this afternoon. Got a lot of scanning done for the historical society and my own genealogy. 

My left foot and leg neuropathy seems improved since I started taking the Ursolic Acid yesterday. That is the only thing different in my daily medications - so, it must be that. But, I'm only taking it for 3 days around my Velcade subcutaneous injection as Ursolic Acid potentiate the action of Velcade and lower your blood counts.

Curascript sent my new 14 days of Zolinza today via FedEx. I hope I don't have to take it anymore and can sent it back. 


  1. I don't understand why you won't try the sublingual Vit B for the neuropathy since it will not lower your blood counts...??? And it will help with stress - like driving 44 miles round trip to get your car worked on...LOL!

  2. Sandy, I forgot to post that I am taking sublingual Vit B already. Thanks for your concern. jm