jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Leg Cramps, Neuropathy, and Back Pain Updates - November 8 2012

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Leg Cramps, Neuropathy, and Back Pain Updates - November 8 2012

Slept in my usual 2 hour spurts, but I have NOT had a single leg cramp since I started wearing the dorsiflexion (toes toward head) boots at night. Note that I only use a loose upper strap and a loose one over the top of my foot - I'm not using the middle strap at all and have it velcro-ed to the back of the boot. I'm so thankful to be rid of the leg and arch of my foot cramps!
The neuropathy in my left foot and leg seems much improved since I stopped Velcade (last dose on 23 Oct 2012) and started Carfilzomib (1st dose 30 Oct 2012). I know the numbness in my fingertips is improved for sure.

I had to wait at home all morning for the FedEx guy to deliver my Fragmin pre-filled syringes (30 day supply of 7,500 units and a 30 day supply of 15,000 units) - variable dose needed depending on my platelet count. I will go to Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho (30 miles each way) tomorrow morning to have my platelet count checked. The FedEx guy arrived around 11:30 AM, so that was good because it meant I could go do errands and get the mail for my father at the Post Office.
Walked Kemmer just to the Mackay City Limit Sign (0.82 miles round trip) because it started to rain on us and the pavement ends at this point - nothing worse than a muddy Kemmer!

We have a severe weather warning - forecasting snow for tonight and tomorrow.

My back continues to hurt while I walk and is relieved when I rest. I've had this pain since I was diagnosed, but it seems worse these last couple of days - I've always hoped it wasn't my heart.

Saw this on the internet - people in China are painting their golden retrievers:


  1. Perhaps I will try painting my white cat... might be an interesting challenge.

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  4. I used to feel the same way about chiro's until that day--my mom got me in to see "her guy" who has an extensive background in sports med and literally, I left his office able to breathe.
    I am sending healing vibes your way and hope that you are better soon. At least you'll look awesome all hunched up in Heathers bikini!! lol
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