jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Low Platelets - November 9 2012

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Low Platelets - November 9 2012

We had snow during the night, but the roads are not bad this morning. I drove to Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho to have a CBC (complete blood count) drawn. Two pokes later, I had the results. 

My platelet count is down to 40 (norms 140-440). They called Dr. Padavanija's office at St. Luke's Hospital, Twin Falls, Idaho. RN Ann called me and we reviewed how I should proceed with my medications in light of my platelet count:

Platelet Count Greater Than 50 - Take Fragmin 15,000 units
Platelet Count Less Than 50 - Take Fragmin 7,500 units
Platelet Count Less Than 30 - Hold Fragmin and Revlimid

The rest of my CBC wasn't too bad. My white blood cell count is low at 3.1 (norms 4-11.2) and hemoglobin is low at 10.4 (norms 12-16)

I came home and WAITED ALL DAY for FedEx to deliver my next month's supply of Revlimid. They NEVER ARRIVED and I finally spoke to them on the phone. Evidently, there were weather-related delays which prevented the delivery and they plan to delivery Monday  11/12/12 now. I told them the medication was pricey ($6,000 for a 21 day supply) and they cannot let it FREEZE - probably fell on deaf ears~

Darkness fell and I decided Kemmer needed a walk after all that waiting today. We just walked the neighborhood for 0.44 miles. Lots of mule deer wandering around at that time of the evening, but Kemmer is so good not to chase them!
My wonderful neighbor, Pam Denning Lords replaced the broken zipper on my favorite down jacket and delivered it to me today! You can't see the zipper too well in the photo below - but, it is awesome!!  THANK YOU PAM !!!

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