jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Revlimid Rash Begins - November 2 2012

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Revlimid Rash Begins - November 2 2012

Did take long for me to get the Revlimid rash and itch - Day 4 of 21. Began with itching of my scalp and rash on my abdomen above my navel. I put steroid cream on my abdomen and that helped some. 

This is the 3rd time since I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma that I've been on Revlimid and each time I've reacted with rash and itching.

  1. Revlimid 25 mg was used  in my initial treatment along with Velcade to get my plasma cells down enough for apheresis to bank my stem cells
  2. Revlimid 10 mg was used after my 1st autologous stem cell transplant along with Velcade as maintenance
  3. Revlimid 10 mg is being used with carfilzomib as I relapsed after my 2nd autologous stem cell transplant and failed on zolinza
If the itch doesn't get much worse, I think I can tolerate it. I do not want to take Benadryl. 

I walked Kemmer 1.2 miles to the Big Lost River Smelter Bridge. Beautiful day here in Mackay, Idaho. I am MORE TIRED than I've been since before I started the carfilzomib and Revlimid, but I'm pushing myself to stay active. Vacuumed the whole house too.
My wild silky thin hair.

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