jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Root Canal Checkup - November 26 2012

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Root Canal Checkup - November 26 2012

I was able to get a 10 AM appointment in Idaho Falls (100 miles each way) with Bart Morrison DDS, Endodonist this morning. My bottom back tooth has been bothering me ever since I had a root canal on it 29 Aug 2012 EXCEPT for days that I take dex and then it doesn't bother me AT ALL.  Since I take dex twice a week, I have more days without tooth pain than with!
I had 2 x-rays and there is no evidence of infection beneath the tooth.
Bart Morrison, DDS could find nothing wrong with my tooth (#18 for those who count teeth). He thought maybe the tooth was too tall and hitting my top teeth when I chew. He used the drill and removed the areas that were touching with chewing. I had absolutely no pain to the drill - so, the tooth must be dead with the existing root canal. I had taken antibiotics before the appointment and Dr. Morrison wants me to continue taking them for 10 days. Dr. Morrison     said it may take a full 6 months for the tooth to settle down. So, I guess I can continue with my intravenous Aredia now.
I went on to Walmart to pick up my antibiotic prescription and headed home to Mackay, Idaho.

I felt a lot better today - my mind was clearer and I had adequate energy for the whole day. I leave early tomorrow to St. Luke's Hospital MSTI in Twin Falls for my 2 days of carfilzomib.

Kemmer stayed with Ron and smells of SKUNK again - oh joy~

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