jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: They Say Things Happen In "Threes" and A Bit of LUCK - November 14 2012

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

They Say Things Happen In "Threes" and A Bit of LUCK - November 14 2012

My "Threes" began with 1) having my car, Bart's (2006 Honda Pilot) windshield shot by a hunter in Wyoming on US 30. 

2) Hitting a doe deer on Highway 93 South, Idaho, with Bart to the tune of $4,200.13 and....

3) As I headed out of Twin Falls, Idaho in a light rain, in Jonah (1999 Honda Passport with a replacement engine installed in 2006 after all the oil was pumped out on Fish Creek Summit, Idaho and killed the first engine - 88,000 miles now), I was half way to Shoshone when the "CHECK ENGINE and CHECK TRANSMISSION lights came on FLASHING.

I turned around and pulled over as I had visions of a tow truck after a LONG WAIT, rental car, etc. I called the Honda Dealer (thank goodness for iPhone with Google Search) and he told me that it would probably be safe to drive back in to Twin Falls. 

So, back I went. Service Joe at the Honda Dealership was NOT ENCOURAGING at first...his first words were, "We aren't going to be able to track that code because your car is too OLD and HONDA doesn't support it anymore." Poor Jonah! Then Service Joe said, "Just a minute, maybe this old thing will work." He produced a small box about the size of my iPhone but twice as thick and plugged it in to a place under the dash. It read out a code and then Service Joe looked it up on the computer - some gasket in the transmission needs to be replace and it is 11.5 hour job!!. They didn't have the gasket and couldn't schedule the repair until next week...those visions of rental car came back to me!

Then Service Joe said, "Sometimes after we clear the warning code, it doesn't come back and you'd be safe to drive it home to Mackay." He cleared the code and it DID NOT come, back on the road for home. I'll have them fix it when I come back from the Mayo Clinic, Scottsdale, Arizona.

As I drove home, the warning lights never came back on. I picked Kemmer up at Ron's and she was DELIGHTED To see me! She heard Jonah a block away and came running after the car!

Stopped to check on my father and came home exhausted around 4 PM. 

Hopefully, my "Threes" are OVER~

The light on my land phone was flashing that I had a message - it was Jaime Hjelm at Lost River Auto Body telling me that Bart (2006 Honda Pilot) was FIXED and ready to pick up!
Can you believe my luck - just when Jonah (1999 Honda Passport) is about to give up the ghost, Bart is back in service! I'll still get Jonah fixed - but I'm ONE HAPPY GIRL!

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  1. Sweet story. With every closed door, there is another open.