jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Summary January 23 to January 24 2013

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Summary January 23 to January 24 2013

Pretty tired all day Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013. Tired to conserve my energy so I could enjoy a get-together that Jani and Robbyn planned for me from 4-6 PM. They invited people I used to work with at the University of Northern Colorado and former neighbors to come to the house. We had lots of snacks and 18 guests in the end. I wore a mask since my Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) was just 1.0. I enjoyed myself - but, I was worn out afterwards.
Thursday morning, Jan 24 2013, Jani drove me to the Denver International Airport (DIA) where I, again, used United Airlines assistance (wheelchair) from the curb, through security to the gate on B Concourse. Even though I arrived 2 hours before my flight, I only arrived at Gate B-93 just in time to buy a sandwich and board the plane - a CRJ200 Canadair Regional Jet with seating 2 x 2. I had seat 3A. Unlike my flight to Denver on Monday, this flight was full of people coughing and sneezing - I wore my N-95 mask the ENTIRE TIME and used my hand sanitizer liberally, so I hope I didn't pick anything up.
DIA from the plane.
As we took off from DIA, the flight was VERY BUMPY and I tried to "imagine" myself somewhere else which worked pretty well. Finally climbed out of the bumps and the rest of the flight was pretty smooth.

Over Idaho Falls, Idaho just before we landed - 33 degrees and cloudy.

Drove the 100 miles home to Mackay, Idaho - sunny in the Big Lost River Valley in stark contrast with Idaho Falls.
Stopped at my father's house to pick up my mail and say hi. He does fine without me.

Friends, Clark and Dianne (Layne) Parker brought Kemmer home - she was exhausted from her fun visit with the Parker's. It was so nice of them to keep her.
I was tired, but GLAD to be home!


  1. It was soooo good to see you curly :-). Sandy

  2. Sandy, my hair was STRAIGHT STRAIGHT until I had 2 doses of Cytoxan earlier this month. Overnight, my hair went curly and wicky!!! Very strange. They are holding my Cytoxan for awhile, so I don't know how that will affect my hair. jm