jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) Update For Relapse After 15 Doses - March 19 2013

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) Update For Relapse After 15 Doses - March 19 2013

Tuesday, 19 Mar 2013: I've taken 15 doses of Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) in Cycle 1 for my relapsed myeloma. I should have had my blood tested today, but Dr. Padavanija is out-of-town and they scheduled me for Friday, 22 Mar 2013 at St. Luke's Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho.

I've decided that I'm way too puffy and effected from Dex 40 mg weekly on Tuesday's, so I lowered the dose to 30 mg today, dividing it in 2 doses (breakfast 15 mg and dinner 15 mg). I'll discuss this with the doctor on Friday at my appointment.

Again, the St. Luke's Hospital MSTI Boise Pharmacist called today to check on my Pomalyst side effects. Not much different than last week except I am constipated.

  • burning scalp (improving a lot)
  • creepy legs (had before I started Pomalyst, but seems worse at night – haven't taken much oxy this week (maybe two doses of 1/4 tab).
  • increased neuropathy of left leg especially from knee to groin – was about a 2 (1-10 scale) prior to Pomalyst and now 4. I am attributing my left hip pain to neuropathy now since all of my tests (plain x-rays and MRI were normal). At times, I had right hip pain too.
  • tired, especially after taking - serious fatigue each afternoon - can't do anything. Easily out of breath, but lungs are clear with no cough. Don't let these walk photos fool you in to thinking I'm leading a normal life - I AM NOT!
  • constipation - working with 2-3 Senna-S nightly and 2 Phillips Magnesium tablets nightly - without much success. Experience GI reflux on dex day (Tuesday).
Monday, 18 Mar 2013:  No gastritis at all this day. Walked the Mine Hill with Jani and the dogs this afternoon. 0.71 miles at a 4 percent grade up and then down to Jonah at the Cattle Guard. Jonah had a flat tire over the weekend they found a nail in the tire this morning.
Kemmer and me. ICY COLD WIND
Jani, Zoe, Kady, and Kemmer with Mt. McCaleb in the background - Jani ended up walking the Kemmer and Zoe (sisters from the same litter who will be 5 years old on 6 Apr 2013) all the way home and I drove from the Cattle Guard with 12 year-old Kady.
Monday night into Tuesday, I had terrible neuropathy and creepy legs and was unable to sleep...most probably from the Mine Hill walk Monday.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013: I was too tired to do much today. Jani went with Ron rock hunting.
She found a geode.
And a lucky horseshoe for me!


  1. How delish to have Jani walking with you and discovering Mother Nature's gifts for you!

  2. Please get better. and hang in there better days to come.

  3. why are you not posting any more

  4. I am posting several times a week. See:

  5. oh thank you very much i look foward to reading your blog. Joe