jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma - Update - May 19 2013

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma - Update - May 19 2013

Woke with same left shoulder pain - kept ice on it all night. GI tract moving south quickly again last night. Otherwise feeling okay.

Had a nice visit from Zack and Granddad Ken Krishnek this morning.

 They brought us a delicious huckleberry pie made locally!
 Jani walked Zoe and Kemmer on the Mine Hill - look at those smiles!
Wayne and Shirley Olsen, Jani and I went out to the Mt. McCaleb Cemetery with my new grave location list to see if we could find the veteran's graves as easily as I had hoped. It is working, but needs some tweaking which Jani is excited to help me with. The flags are put out on the veteran's graves this coming Friday, 24 May 2013, so we have a few more days to organize the over 1,500 graves list.
We saw this neat little bird, a Western Tanager, in the cemetery and then stopped to visit with Holly Seefried and her mother, Heather Nelson for awhile who came to visit Gordon's grave.
Zoe watching her puppy video on the computer. You can view the video taken 5 years ago at this URL:

I slept most of the afternoon, while Jani and Wayne Olsen ran back and forth to the cemetery with the new lists of veterans to check locations.


  1. jm,

    Kemmer and Zoe on the Deck was a nice break from work. They're so cute!

    After Jani's careful editing, I hope we see a forthcoming publication. It sounds like an interesting book. I absolutely love what you're doing to remember the veterans and others! Cheryl

  2. Cheryl, it is not a book to read - it is LONG ALPHA list of all the burials at Mt. McCaleb Cemetery, Mackay, Idaho with an additional column showing the veteran's graves. Each Memorial Day, a small flag is placed on each veteran's grave to honor their service. jm

  3. jm,
    Oh, okay. I thought I read about a book and a list. It's still good. Cheryl