jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: PICC Line Dressing Change and Labs - March 22 2012

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

PICC Line Dressing Change and Labs - March 22 2012

Went to the UCH BIC today to have my labs drawn and PICC Line Dressing Change. I am still not steady on my feet and used Jani's arm to get around. My mind is clearer today, but needs to clear some more. My guts continue raw, but I'm eating. I have decided the burning pain in the back of my left leg is neuropathy and the pain over my old shingles site on my right kidney area continues. My throat is sore, but I have no visible lesions. I told them that I would not be taking any more Thalidomide.
During the dressing change, my fat lady loose skin got caught up and pinched and I HOWLED LOUDLY in the BIC Room getting EVERYONE's ATTENTION - but, it REALLY HURT. 
The finished PICC Line Dressing Change.

My labs were abnormal as expected. My white blood cell count is way down at 1.1 (norms 4-11.1), my platelet count abnormal at 39 (norms 150-400), but they don't give you platelet transfusions until the the platelets dip below 30. My hemoglobin is only slightly abnormal at 11.1 (12.1-16.3).
My Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) is critically low at 0.8 (norms 1.8-6.6). So, they gave me a Neulasta Subcutaneous Injection in my left arm. I will return to have my blood checked again on Saturday, 24 March 2012. I will stay away from people and wear my mask when I got to UCH for my appointments.

My serum Protein and Albumin levels dipped while I was hospitalized - the food is terrible in the hospital and I just didn't get enough protein. Now that I've been home, the values are on the rise.

On the way home, I laid down in the back of Bart while Jani drove to Greeley. Such luxury.

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