jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 112 - September 7 2012

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 112 - September 7 2012

Last night the temporary filling over my root canal fell out. So, this morning, I talked to the dentist office in Challis and the endodonist office in Idaho Falls. The endodonist thought I'd be fine to wait until Monday to have the permanent filling placed on Monday at Dr. Tom McGowan's office in Challis, Idaho - so, I scheduled that appointment - aren't cell phones grand! 

Up at o'dark thirty to make it to my appointment at St. Luke's Hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho. I've been having those terrible charley horse cramps in my calves and the bottom of my feet at night when I stretch - oh joy ~

I tried drinking more water while I drove the 135 miles today in hopes that I would have a better creatinine today. Had to stop in Carey to use the bathroom and then thought I might be late - but, all worked out. My mouth is extra dry these days since I started Zolinza. I continue with weird stomach and little appetite...but, per usual, I believe in feeding a sick stomach, so I had some toast and packed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.

They took me late for my blood draw, but lab technician, Anita, is SO GOOD and got my blood on the first poke without any trauma. Anita gave me paper copies of my SPEP, free lights and Beta-2 Microglobulins. 

My M-Spike is 0.3 (4 Sept 2012). It has gone up from 0.1 (done on 8 Aug 2012) and less than 0.1 (done on 12 July 2012). So, this upward trend makes me worry a tad - oh, here we go again - However, I have decided NOT to worry about the 0.3 M Spike this month since it does NOT reflect the Zolinza (vorinostat) that I started just before the 4 Sept 2012 SPEP blood draw. I did have Cycle 1 of Velcade and Dex between 8 Aug 2012 and 4 Sept 2012 - so, Velcade/Dex may not be working or it is working and the M Spike would have been even higher without it. I'll give Zolinza a month and then decide. I have a follow-up visit at the University of Colorado Hospital on 17 Oct 2012.

M Spike       12 July 2012          Less than 0.1 (Day 55 after 2nd ASCT)
                        8 Aug 2012          0.1 (No chemo since 2nd ASCT)
                        4 Sept 2012         0.3 (Cycle 1 of Velcade/Dex) completed)
                        4 Sept 2012         Started Zolinza (vorinostat) 14 days on 14 days off

My IgG immunoglobulin is on the rise too at 527. 
IgG               12 July 2012        380 (Day 55 after 2nd ASCT)
                        8 Aug 2012        482 (No chemo since 2nd ASCT)
                        4 Sept 2012       527 (Cycle 1 of Velcade/Dex completed)

Beta-2 Microgloblulin is 2.17 (norms less than 2.51)
Beta-2 Micro     12 July 2012    2.5 (Day 55 after 2nd ASCT)
                             4 Sept 2012    2.17 (Cycle 1 of Velcade/Dex Complete)

I still need to see my creatinine from today, LDH, and a urine test from 4 Sept 2012 which weren't available today.

I didn't wait long until I was called back to the Infusion Area. They had to wait for my blood results before they could order my dose of 1.7 mg Velcade subcutaneously. 
Didn't wait too long and the nurse told me to take my Dex which I did. The velcade came quickly and I got the subcutaneous injection in my right arm.

It was just before lunch time when I left Twin Falls and I would usually stop at my favorite, TACO BELL, but not today - stomach not up to it. Went to Walmart to get my father a couple of new shirts and do some frozen food shopping.

Drove home 2  1/2 hours and was so glad to be there. I was exhausted. Took a nadir (nap) for about 40 minutes. When I woke, I still felt tired and my mind was "clouded". I missed the local High School Homecoming Parade and Game (they won - YEA!) and just stayed home resting. Hope this doesn't last.

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