jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 124 - September 19 2012

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 124 - September 19 2012

Up this morning at 2:30 AM wide awake. Worked on computer files and getting items printed for people.  Had just 2 charley horses in the night and not as bad as previous, so maybe the Celtic Sea Salt did help.

The forest fire smoke continues THICK in the valley and no walk opportunity. Stayed in the house most of the day except to check on my father at his house a couple of times, take him his mail, and do his dishes. He has a little bit of pain with walking, but is doing well overall.

I took 10 mg dexamethasone today and now I don't take anymore until next Tuesday, 15 Sept 2012 when I get my weekly Velcade again. Since I'm on this weekly schedule now, I am going to have to work out my sleep better or I'll always be tired.

I sent my DNA sample into a few weeks back and got the results today. It is very interesting and they provide you with so much data to peruse.

Around 2:30 PM, I was overwhelming tired and took an hour nadir (nap). It's no wonder since I was up at 2:30 AM this morning.

Haven't been able to see the stars at night for several days. Usually, this is what I see out my south facing bathroom window at night - Orion! This is my actual bathroom window.

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