jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Bruising Due To Low Platelets - October 18 2012

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bruising Due To Low Platelets - October 18 2012

Because my platelets were only 80 (norms 140-440), my 17 October 2012 bone marrow biopsy site on my right iliac crest bruised. I've had some discomfort at the site, but not bad. The biopsy was done with the OnControl Driver vs hand trocar.
I also have bruises from the blood draw on the inside of my left arm done 16 October 2012.
And from the IV they started on the inside of my right arm on 17 October 2012 to give me the fluids for my high creatinine.
My subcutaneous Velcade is red on the back of my right arm, but does not itch or hurt.
Nancy White and her dog, Lucy,  stopped by Jani's house to visit. 
Safelite came to Jani's house this morning and replaced Bart's windshield which which was damaged by the gunshot in Wyoming on 14 October 2012. So, Faye Hummel and I will be set tomorrow to head back to Idaho.

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