jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma - Waiting for Platelets When You Live in the Wilderness - May 10 2013

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Friday, May 10, 2013

Relapsed High-Risk Myeloma - Waiting for Platelets When You Live in the Wilderness - May 10 2013

Well, my day started very early around 2 AM, when I woke in the middle of dream/real life experience of the WORST calf-cramp that I have EVER HAD. I was yelling in my sleep and Jani heard me. I could barely get out of the bed to stretch it. Got up and drank some dill pickle juice (I HATE IT) and ate 2 little dill pickles. Back to bed with my dorsi flexion boots on and no more cramps - but, my right calf does feel like someone PUNCHED me real good in it. I know, whine, whine, whine....sorry.

I got my dorsi-flexion boots out and on and went back to bed without further incident.
Jani and I drove to Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco, Idaho (30 miles from Mackay) and had my blood drawn to check my platelets. They are really good there and get me my printed out results within just a few minutes. My platelets were just 19 (considered critically low with norms at 140-440) and I had been instructed to continue on to St. Luke's Hospital in Twin Falls if they were below 20. However, My hemoglobin was great (although low) at 10.1 (norms 12-16). However, I am a bit "out of breath" with walking and climbing stairs despite the 10.1 value. 

Jani drove me to Twin Falls and as we drove, RN Vicki called to say that I probably did not need a platelet transfusion today. I explained that I really wanted a platelet transfusion since my platelets had drifted downward from 33 to 19 in just 48 hours - most probably from my new chemo, bendamustine/revlimid and by next appointment in Twin Falls, Tuesday, 14 May 2013 - I'LL HAVE NO PLATELETS. So, we drove on arriving in Twin Falls at 10:15 AM or so. It is not like I live near St. Luke's Hospital - just 135 miles one way, 2 hr 20 minute drive away. The Lost Rivers Medical Center in Arco does not have the capability of giving me irradiated blood and platelet products, so they are not an option.

St. Luke's Hospital had to order the platelets from St. Luke's Hospital in Boise since I require "special platelets" due to my 2 failed autologous stem cell transplants. This meant that the platelets would NOT ARRIVE in Twin Falls until 4 PM!

So, Jani and I had a full day to FILL with something and we managed to do just that. We started out with an early lunch at Wendy's - we shared french fries - my BEST and FAVORITE comfort food and only the first time I've had them in months and months.

Then, we decided to drive down to the Snake River upstream from the Perrine Bridge.

We discovered that "two worlds" exist upstream from the Perrine Bridge on the Snake River. One is not soooo nice and SMELLS OF SEWER called Canyon Springs Golf Course - a public course
Water Falls of apparent sewage smelling water cascade down the canyon walls.

The other golf course closer to the Perrine Bridge, yet still upstream is the Blue Lakes Country Club Golf Course, a private golf course only accessible from the Jerome side of the Snake River.

From the exploration of the two golf courses, we went back to St. Luke's Hopsital to pick up a prescription for me and take to the pharmacy - only to discover the pharmacy was closed for some reason until 2 PM.

So, we decided to to to the famous and beautiful Shoshone Falls not far away on the advice of friends, Shirley and Wayne Olsen. The Shoshone Falls is further downstream on the Snake River than the Perrine Bridge and requires a $3/car fee.

Met a cute, young couple from Antelope, California near Sacramento with the cutest baby boy - couldn't resist a visit with them.
How do you like my Einstein hair????


  1. JM,

    We are thinking about you in Charlotte. Thank you for reaching out to us with an update. You are in our prayers. Cheryl

  2. Thanks Cheryl for thinking and praying for me. I'm really doing so much better than my lab and bone marrow biopsy results - but, maybe that is magical thinking. Sincerely, jm

  3. Judy,
    You know, I knew you but never really knew you until I started blogging. What a pleasure it is for me to say, hey, I know this woman, Judy and what a wonderful person she is. I look forward to reading both of your blogs each day.
    You are such a strength to me and I thank you for that.

  4. jm, I love the pictures and the video. Did I see a rainbow in the video? Thanks for sharing. Take care, Cheryl

  5. you give much hope i look foward to your blog,please excuse my bad spelling from time to time,But i must say how positive and strong women you are and hi from new yoek city. JR

  6. Thanks JR, my father immigrated from Poland and lived on Freeman Street in Brooklyn, New York. jm

  7. and his biggest achivement is he raized some great daughters,How proude he is where ever he is i read your blogs at night when pain wakes me from my sleep three four in the morning and i feel better for a while its not good when you cant sleep from pain.stay well. JR

  8. Thanks Marsha, I've REALLY enjoyed your blog too. I still love that Gordon gave you a desk! jm