jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 101 - August 27 2012

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Monday, August 27, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 101 - August 27 2012

Drove 55 miles north of Mackay, Idaho to Challis, Idaho to see Tom McGowan, DDS. They were so nice to fit me in to a full day of appointments. The x-rays don't show any pockets of infection nor necrosis of my jaw which is good, but Dr. McGowan said I need a root canal on tooth number 18 (my last tooth on the bottom left). I could be at risk for necrosis of the jaw since I've had several doses of Zometa and Aredia in the last 15 months since I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma.
They made me an appointment for a root canal to be done on the tooth with Bart B. Morrison, DDS, an endodontist in Idaho Falls, Idaho for Wednesday, 9/28/2012. I was advised to continue the Augmentin twice a day and to contact my transplant coordinator to make sure I'll be covered with appropriate antibiotics for the root canal procedure and healing period.

Pretty drive to Challis and back. The forest fire smoke has abated for awhile due to high winds last night. Here is the real time air quality monitor from this morning that has temporarily been installed in Challis.

Mackay Dam from Highway 93 August 27, 2012
Barton Flat from Highway 93 August 27 2012
Three Sisters from Highway 93 August 27 2012
Mt. Borah from Willow Creek Summit August 27 2012

Walked Kemmer to the Big Lost River Smelter Bridge just before sunset.
 Saw baby mule deer in the Palmer field.


  1. Dr. Morrison is great! We refer to him all the time. He even did a root canal on me and was very quick about it. He did a great job and I've had no complications.

  2. Thanks Amber for the vote of confidence - I'm just ready to be done with this tooth ache. Take care, jm