jm's Adventure with Multiple Myeloma: 2nd ASCT - Day 112 - September 8 2012

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

2nd ASCT - Day 112 - September 8 2012

Well, after a total exhaustion during the afternoon and evening, I essentially slept from 3:30 PM in the after noon until 2 AM 
I woke this morning rested and ready for LIFE. And such a varied day I had! 

Started out with an early morning walk on the MIne Hill with Kemmer. We met up with friend, Dianne Layne Parker. We walked 1.38 miles and had a good visit. Our grandmothers were very good friends, Hazel Lundberg (mine) and Pauline Chaney (Dianne's).
After the walk, I rushed to the Post Office to get my father's mail and do his dishes which I do every morning. Then, on to the Custer County Fair Grounds here in Mackay, Idaho for the Gordon Seefried Memorial Benefit Consignment Auction to raise money for the Mackay Elementary School new playground equipment to be installed and Field Trip support.
Here is the $32,000 dollars of playground equipment that Mackay received a via a grant. However, we do not have the money to install it. Any donations would be appreciated. Send to Mackay Elementary School, 400 E. Spruce, P.O. Box 390, Mackay, Idaho (this is the only ad you will ever see on this blog, I promise).  See the school website at:
From there, I hurried home to change clothes and attend he funeral of a wonderful man, James Clyde Lambert, 91 at the LDS Church here in Mackay. Clyde and his wife who has also passed away were good friends with my mother, Margie Lundberg Malkiewicz. I clean up okay ~ what  a granny dess though ~
Clyde Lambert's memorial table display.
From there, I went target practicing with my pistol with Ron.  Don't worry it is not loaded.

 I even managed to hit the target at 20 yards a few times (see beige target).
Horses waiting for water to be delivered. But, you can see the fire smoke has cleared this afternoon for awhile.
And I took some photos and printed them for the local tree trimmer to send along with his bill.
This job just required removal of dead branches and not much of a trim. Finished below.
Below, a part of my acre...I need a tree trimmer too...but the trees and willows are a wonderful habitat for mule deer, racoons, skunks, voles, and the occasional mountain lion and wolf.
PS, I think I was getting thrush from the Augmentin, so I started Fluconazole last night. My tongue is less sore today and much better - the marvels of pharmacy. The burning neuropathy in my left foot and leg remain BURNING. I may have to ask for a Velcade dose reduction. My post shingles back pain is much better.

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